The leukemia research group in Wilsede.

XXXIV. Annual Kind-Philipp-Foundation Meeting in Wilsede

The leukemia research team made its way to Wilsede for the XXXIV. GPOH Kind-Philipp-Meeting for research in pediatric oncology, where all participants gave up-to-date presentations about their projects. Alongside the presentations from fellow students and researchers, the meeting offered a great number of invited lectures. Keynote lectures where held by Christian Braun from the Ludwig Maximilians University Munich, who talked about in vivo screening technologies to identify cancer vulnerabilities. While Prof. Anindita Roy from Oxford University gave an insightful lecture about the importance of fetal origin in cancer pathogenesis. Taking a deep dive into the history of the Kind-Phillip-Meeting with the Hartmut Kabisch memorial lecture held by Prof. Karl Welte, who shared memories and insights from the Wilsede Meetings over the last 50 years. And in best Wilsede fashion the latest science advances were celebrated with a cold glas of beer enjoying the quaint and charming atmosphere of the Lüneburger Heide.

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