Luca wins the Abstract Award at ASH 2024


Luca presenting his Phd work at this years annual ASH meeting.

Every year ASH holds the largest Hematology Conference worldwide, this year the American Society of Hematology honoured Luca with an abstract award for being one of the highest ranked abstracts out of over 3000 submissions. He was also rewarded with an oral presentation at the conference held in San Diego, California. His work focuses on NUP98-JARID1A+ Pediatric Non-Down Syndrome AMKL, in which he identified TRIP 13 as a fetal-enriched and NJ specific gene for therapeutic targeting. This gene was identified via CRISPR screening in a murine model and has been verified to be highly connected to cells with fetal origin in in vitro and in vivo settings. Further analysis of TRIP13 lead to show that this NJ vulnerability acts through tumoursuppresor P53. Lastly his work also shows how TRIP13 vulnerability can be exploited for drug targeting leukemia in individual and synergistic manners.

Find out more and read the award winning abstract online.

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