Portrait: Jan-Henning Klusmann as Director of the Pediatric Hospital in Frankfurt

The Newspaper FAZ has recently interviewed our group leader Prof. Klusmann and has published a portrait article about his future and long-term goals here at the Pediatric hospital in Frankfurt. As you have found our website you are probably aware of his expertise in pediatric oncology and if you take a closer look at our other blogposts you will get quite the overview on Prof. Klusmanns impressive career path. After receiving his doctor title at the Hannover Medical School, he soon became goupleader of his first research group. Moving forward he became head of Clinic for Pediatrics I in Halle from where he made his way to Frankfurt to take his position as director of the Department of Pediatrics. Besides the obstacles of financial pressure and a lack of ICU beds, our clinic director has made it his personal task to make a change for the better. Specifically two areas of expertise are going to be added to the clinics repertoire, being a new focus on intensive care and cardiology.

Have a read for yourself:

Ingrid Karb (2023). Jan-Henning Klusmann leitet die Uniklinik. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. available at: https://www.faz.net/aktuell/rhein-main/frankfurt/jan-henning-klusmann-leitet-die-universitaetskinderklink-18704459.html

Picture: Oliver Sebel

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