Pediatric and Experimental Hematology

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Prof. Dr. Jan-Henning Klusmann

Jan-Henning is an ERC grant-holder, Professor, and Director of Pediatrics & Pediatric Oncology at the University Hospital of Halle.

Prof. Dirk Heckl

Dirk is a Max Eder Fellow and Professor at the University Hospital of Halle. He specializes in CRISPR-Cas9 systems and modeling leukemia in mice.

PD. Dr. Jessica Höll

Jessica is a physician and junior group leader at the University Hospital of Halle. Her research centers on the role of RNA-binding proteins in leukemia.

Dr. Raj Bhayadia

Raj (postdoctoral fellow) works on patient-dervied xenograft models of pediatric AML, in vivo non-coding RNA studies, and pre-clinical drug testing.

Dr. Daniela Bräuer-Hartmann

Daniela (postdoctoral fellow) works on mapping the interactomes of the GATA1 / GATA1s transcription factors.

Dr. Hasan Issa

Hasan (postdoctoral fellow) works on delivering lipid nanoparticle-based oligonucleotides into AML cells, towards RNA-centered therapies.

Oriol Alejo

Oriol (PhD student, independent) is investigating the interactive genetic network of the stem cell microRNA cluster miR-99a/105~125b.

Michelle Ng

Michelle (PhD student, HBRS Molecular Medicine) is using CRISPR-based perturbation approaches to interrogate long non-coding RNAs in AML.

Lonneke Verboon

Lonneke (PhD student, independent) is investigating interactions within the DLK1-DIO3 non-coding RNA locus in normal and malignant megakaryopoiesis.

Sofia Gialesaki

Sofia (PhD student, HBRS Molecular Medicine) is studying the interplay between chromosome 21 genes and GATA1s in Down syndrome AML.

Dorit Schneider

Dorit (PhD student, HBRS Molecular Medicine) is studying the deregulated network in Ezh2-mutated AML using state-of-the-art CRISPR-Cas9 technology.

David Mir-Salim

David (medical student, UKH) is performing drug testing on patient-dervied xenografts in vivo to find new potential therapies for childhood AML.

Luca Cifarelli

Luca (PhD student, independent) is modeling de novo translocation-driven leukemogenesis and cooperating mutations using CRISPR-Cas9.

Konstantin Schuschel

Konstantin (PhD student, independent) is screening RNA-binding proteins for novel contributors to acute leukemia pathogenesis.

Lucie Gack

Lucie (technician) supports the in vitro aspect of all non-coding RNA projects.

Lisa Dietrich

Lisa (technician) assists with the GATA1 / GATA1s / RUNX1 interactome projects.

Katja Menge

Katja (technician) works on projects using CRISPR-Cas9 functional genetics to model AML.

Endogenous retroviruses in cancer and autoimmunity

Apl. Prof. Martin S. Staege

Martin is a molecular biologist and immunologist. He researches endogenous retroviruses and gene expression in cancer and autoimmunity.

Dr. Kristina Engel

Kristina (postdoctoral fellow) works on the characterization of endogenous retroviruses in tumor cells and autoimmune diseases.

Anna Krüger

Anna (PhD student) works on the characterization of endogenous retroviruses in tumor cells and autoimmune diseases.

Lisa Wieland

Lisa (PhD student) studies the expression of endogenous retroviruses (ERVs) and their interaction with Epstein-Barr virus.

Ines Volkmer

Ines (technician) supports all cell culture experiments and gene expression analyses.